New trailer of PS4 Rime game is charming.


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alSO LAST THING !!! qUICK WARM UP I SLAPPED SOME COLOURS ON ; OOO i love drawing ocs with a lot of bits n bobs on them its rly fun

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Introducing a variant on my Quizzy dragons, A large ‘Mama Quizzy’!  I gave her elongated proportions all over to emphasize that ‘adult’ look, not to mention cute back wings!  She stands about 8 inches tall, is made with soft minky, and has button jointed arms you can pose.  There is light airbrushed fades on the arms, vintage lace collar, tail, and legs.  She also has hand stitched wool felt eye patches and foot bottoms.

She is for adoption, $75 total (that includes USA shipping).  International customers add $7 extra for shipping.  Please PM me if you are interested.  :)  If no one claims her on here within a week I’ll put her in my Etsy store. Cheers!


Okay, whoa, this is a really nice animation of emotion. 

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So BloodyRousa, Thetalkingskull, and I will be moving into a new apartment together soon so we are all going to be in need of some funds!!! These two may be out of a job for about another month because its under renovation and their job is not compensating them at all in the mean time…..

I’m in the process of resetting my commission prices/slots but both of these guys have commissions open as well, so please check them out!



thank u!!!